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Our Story

The seeds of Lake George Examiner were planted in 1954 when the most senior member of our crew drove up Lockhart Mountain Road to explore employment opportunities at the historic Top O’ The World Resort. That fortuitous trip up the mountain in a 1950s-era Pontiac sedan was the start of a relationship with Lake George that continues today. The next generation followed in his path, venturing down French Mountain to explore the exuberant Village of Lake George.

Top O' The World in the day (1960 publicity photo)

Top O’ The World in the day (1960 publicity photo)

On January 1, 2012, The Lake George Examiner took to the internet, first as part of a national news network, then, with a July 2016 re-launch, as an independent website. The Lake George Examiner continues today chronicling events and activities in the Lake George Region.

The Lake George Examiner family

Eric — Photographer

Eric is our 5 a.m. man. He’s up at dawn shooting the sun as it rises over Lake George. Our front-page header photo, Good Morning, Lake George, is one of his.

Nate & Shelby — Fun-Stuff-to-Do Editors

Nate and Shelby are the Millennials of our organization. With smartphones in hand, they seek out the newest fun things to do in Lake George.

David & Sandy — Editorial Advisors

David and Sandy have been examining Lake George since the era of American plan resorts and dude ranches. Their focus is on arts, culture, good food and the area’s scenic beauty. They do not use smartphones.

Interesting tidbit — a close examination of the Top O’ the World photo above reveals Dave sitting in the driver’s seat of his TR3. Sandy is seated on the parapet (on the left holding baby Stephen who grew up to be our Music Editor.)

Stephen — Music Editor

An accomplished singer/songwriter, Stephen is our go-to person for anything related to music

 Stacy — Food and Beverage Editor

Stacy brings her 35+ years of experience in the foodservice industry to the Lake George Examiner and our coverage of area eateries.

Lauren – Canadian Liaison

Travel north on Canada Street and you’ll eventually reach Canada. A cursory examination shows that the street runs both ways, and Quebec and Ontario license plates are as common as those from Massachusetts and New Jersey. Lauren provides the Canadian perspective from her base in Toronto.

Gillian Burdett

Gillian — Chief Examiner/writer/photographer

When not running around Lake George snapping photos and flagging down people for interviews, Gillian is in her writing studio creating web content, developing PR materials and preparing business communications for her clients as Gillian Burdett Writing Services.

“Now I re-examine philosophies and religions, they may prove well in lecture rooms, yet not prove at all under the spacious clouds, and along the landscape and flowing currents” – Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road

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