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lake george adirondack chair

Winter for the Adirondack Chair

Sturdy, deep and wide, with arms broad enough to hold a tall lemonade and a fat paperback novel, Adirondack chairs are the symbol of a carefree summer by the lake. They can be found spread throughout the Village of Lake…
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Is it safe to walk on that frozen lake?

“Can I walk on that?” When the lake waters are open and lapping against the shore the answer, unless you are of divine origins, is a definite “No!” But, when a week of Arctic air gets its grip on the…
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Over 1,300 Plunge into Lake George on New Year’s Day

Record crowds gathered at Shepard Park in Lake George Village for the annual Lake George Polar Plunge. The registration line began forming at 10 a.m. outside Duffy’s Tavern on Lower Amherst Street and four hours later was still growing, stretching…
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